Dezaro Limited staff will select the most suitable routes for your shipment and plan the most economical route to meet your deadline



Dezaro Limited understands that air freight solutions generally imply that the cargo must meet a quick deadline.


We will collect from your chosen premises, deliver to the departing airport and either provide a to door service if applicable. our worldwide network of agents can have the goods ready and customs cleared for collection.


For a more cost-effective solution to air cargo, we can offer rates for consolidated traffic. This is a method which utilizes several flights a week and your freight is consolidated, again to a huge network of worldwide airports.


Importing air freight runs along the same lines, we can arrange collection overseas from any airport to the UK and clear accordingly with delivery to your specified location.







Dezaro Limited offers a complete air freight forwarding service including advice on freighting methods, arranging bookings on scheduled passenger & freighter flights, full load & split charter flights, and associated services. Dezaro Limited handles all manner of airfreight from single documents to high volume air cargo, dispatching both consolidated and direct air shipments, whichever is relevant.


Dezaro Limited`s professional and flexible team are experts in organising the fastest and most efficient means of air freight transport to /from all destinations worldwide, whether you need a door to door service or airport to airport.