We offer high-quality services to our customers meeting all their requirements for the efficient transportation of their cargo with the help of a large number of trucks, thus reducing the delivery times. In this way, we managed to build a land transport network efficiently and reliably.

All routes are covered by several types of vehicles. We can provide full loads, consolidated loads or express vans. If you require extra requirements on your shipments, for example tail lifts, or no transshipment, again, we can offer these services.

Out of gauge shipments can be catered for throughout Europe. This includes road and bridge permits and police escorts when required. We arrange this service from initial inquiry through to final delivery, encompassing all necessary legal permits and ensuring that the route chosen will accommodate the length, width and height of cargo requirements.


One of the strong points of Dezaro is the knowledge on certain routes such as Turkey,

A good part of the trade between Turkey and its main trading partners is made by road freight.

This is due to the fact that Turkey’s main trading partners are The European Union, Middle East and Central Asian countries, which are close by in distance and with a very good road infrastructure.

Turkey is also known for its fast production times, which is great for some sectors like textiles. The majority of the trade is still carried out heavily by trucking services. Dezaro Limited performs international trucking and road freight services for our customers. 


Dezaro Limited is known for its fast, secure, affordable and high service quality for a full truck load (FTL), less than truck load (LTL) and parcel load operations between Turkey and its trading partners.