Our storage facilities and working relationships throughout the UK enable us to offer the highest standards of dry secure warehousing space, distribution, packing and devanning facilities at highly competitive prices.


We offer long and short-term flexible contracts, great customer service and stock control.


Current Warehouse facilities;


Devan, shunt, short/long term storage, pick and pack,
- Felixstowe (bonded/ standard)
palletising, distribution services.
- London (standard)
Devan, short/long term storage, pick and pack, 
palletising, distribution services.
- Hull (standard)
Devan, short/long term storage, pick and pack, 
, distribution services.


Bonded Warehousing


A Bonded warehouse is a warehouse in which goods of which the duties are unpaid can be stored under bond and in the joint custody of the importer, or his agent, and the HM Customs officers.


A variety of businesses can benefit from using a bonded warehouse. Most companies do not sell their goods within four weeks of receiving stock yet Duty and VAT will have, to be paid up front. This is money that they could have legally avoided paying for a considerably longer period of time.



A stock that is in bonded warehousing avoids this advance Duty payment on goods, which may not have been sold yet and may reside in stock for months.


Customs bonded warehousing facilities provides the ideal opportunity to take full advantage of Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP).